The curse of the internet man

Director: Benjamin Lister

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 04:30

Synopsis: An expressionist nightmare about our obsession with social media and fame.

Merch is an online superstar influencer. He’s adored by millions online. But in the dark depths of his own mind he is faltered. He is deeply depressed and losing a grip on reality. The life he has created online is false, and the life he has in the real world is lonely and full of pain. He seeks help from a psychiatrist. But it is too late. This isn’t an illness, it’s a curse. The curse of the Internet Man. The only way out is for Merch to end it all, to rid himself of the pain of real world – and to embrace the nirvana of the silicon.

The Internet man is a comment on addiction to the internet and virality, and the terrifying impact it’s having on our mental health.