Exploitation: trailer

Exploitation | Greece | 2021 | 15’           

Cinematographer: Thomas Tsiftelis

Director: Marina Symeou            

Writer: Yorgos Servetas

Producer: Marina Danezi             

Cast: Theodora Tzimou, Anya Lebedenko, Yannis Drakopoulos    

Synopsis: Electra, 45, was a teacher a few years ago in the industrial village “X”. A decayed village under the shadow of a huge factory, not on its heyday. The country roads take you there, amidst a rugged landscape spotted with black rust deposits.  Lia, 20, until a few years ago a student of Electra, was and remains beautiful. She works in “Heaven”, a local cafe owned by the 50-year-old known as “Cannibal”. Lia has no way out. Entertainment and spectacle is nothing more than souped-up cars drifting on the empty lot. Electra knows that Lia deserves another kind of glory, she knows that as her teacher she has to lead her there. Electra returns. And she will take Lia with her to commit the robbery they both need: Lia to escape, Electra to tie Lia with her.