Beat’em Up – behind the scenes

Beat ’em up | 16’            

Director: Egor Soldatenkov         

Writer: Egor Soldatenkov            

Producers: Lisa Basin, Egor Soldatenkov, Evgeny Vershinin, Nikita Zadykhin          

Cast: Kristina Yakimenko, Vlad Terskikh, Elena Lebedeva, Nikita Khrushchev, Alexey Desyatov, Pavel Sklyar, Ekaterina Finevich, Alina Tsibizova               

Synopsis: Nastya is a video games fan and also a victim of abusive relationship. Her boyfriend-tyrant is beating her up while his friends only jibe at that. But one day she decides to stand up to him. She is sick and tired of being a victim and now she longs for vengeance!