Vacant Rooms – Script [Polish]

Vacant Rooms | Poland | 2019 | 27’      

Director: Bartłomiej Jakubiak   

Writer: Bartłomiej Jakubiak,  Katarzyna Górat-Rzepka (dialogs)              

Producers: Maciej Ślesicki, Warsaw Film School              

Synopsis: 11- years old girl called Zosia – the girl from the rich family, who came to visit her aunt in a small village. Everything seems normal except the fact that her aunt’s mansion is known to be haunted. At the beginning Zosia doesn’t really like neither the place nor her aunt. But when she meets a boy at her age and it turns out that they get along really well she seems to enjoy her vacations a little bit more. But one day they decide to take a risk and solve the mystery of that mansion by doing everything what her aunt told her not to do.