Thirst for Fury

Director: Wiebe van den Ende

Country: Netherlands

Duration: 06:09

Synopsis: Guilherme and Isabella, a successful couple, are having a romantic dinner at home when Guilherme comes clean with a surprising motive.

Director Biography – Wiebe van den Ende

Director, Script Writer
Writing short stories, acting and making music from a very young age moulded Wiebe van den Ende into a creative multitalented filmmaker with a knack for story telling.
“With his vivid imagination, positive attitude and likable characters he knows how to bring the love for filmmaking on to the screen. “
(Jury LSFA 2011 Best Director)
Sede De Furia (Fiction, 6 min, BR-NL) April 2016
– A Trust Filmes & Wiebe van den Ende productions
– 3.000,- euro budget
– Shot in Sao Paolo, starring Guilherme Chelucci and Isabella Lemos
– About a man who has something to tell the love of his life after a romantic dinner at home.

Exit (Fiction, 8 min, NL) March 2016
– Wiebe van den Ende production
– 500,- euro budget
– Starring Hidde Simons and Thomas Wander Oerlemans
– Selected Shortfilm Corner Cannes 2016
– In a deserted forest two colleagues are debating changes versus loyalty on the work floor. Who will win the debate and at what costs.

Eénnachtsliefde (Fiction, 9 min, NL) March 2015
– 2 days on film production
– 3.500,- euro budget
– Shot in Amsterdam, starring Gaite Jansen and Wieger Windhorst
– Selected Shortfilm Corner Cannes 2015
– Two young students meet in a club and wonder the rest of the night through Amsterdam, discovering life, the city and each other.

Vox Scripta (Fiction, 18 min, NL) September 2011
– 2 days on film production
– 2.500,- euro budget
– Shot in Amsterdam, starring Jim Deddes and Liza Sips
– LSFA, Nederlands Filmfestival 2011. Winner Best film, Best Director and Best Actor at LSFA 2011
– A young illiterate librarian discovers his talent for storytelling while inventing stories on the spot to impress her.

Best of TMF (TV special 6x 20 min, NL) May 2009
– MTV Networks

Ajax TV Season summery 2007-2008 (Documentary DVD, 79 min, NL) June 2008
– 1op1 Productions, Ajax

Ajax season 2006 – 2007 (Sports summary 83 min, NL) June 2008
– 1op1 Productions, Ajax

Smogus Live & Unplugged (Music Live DVD, 2 shows and Documentary, NL) July 2005
– Universal, Electric Co. & Smogus Production
We Won’t Stop (Music Documentary, 22 min, NL) May 2003
– TV West, Wiebe van den Ende Productions
– Broadcasted TV West

In Development
Tripper – Geck-o (Experimental Short, 7 min, NL) April 2016
– P’tites Madeleines Productions
n-5.000,- euro budget
My Only Way Out (Experimental VR Thriller, 35 min)
– NewBe TV,, Wiebe van den Ende Productions
– 400.000,- Euro Budget
– Concept, Script and Finance stage

The Good Neighbour (Fiction, 12 min) 2016
– Wiebe van den Ende Productions, P’tites Madeleines Production
– 50.000,- Euro Budget
– Concept, Script and Finance stage
– A 45 year old religious bachelor who, after his mom died, still lives in her house with all their beloved pets and gets a gangster as a neighbour.

Undisclosed TV Series
– Complete first draft of the first season of a romantic feel good series in the style of Jean-Pierre Jeunet meets Wes Anderson

Bachelor Cultural and Social Studies Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherlands 2003
Havo , Visser ‘t Hooft, Leiden, Netherlands 1998

Director Statement

This film, let’s say the entire production, started as a sarcastic joke, a challenge.

I already planned to go to Brazil with a good friend of mine and I was talking to his mother around Christmas 2015 about going to shoot Exit in January because being busy with many year log productions I just wanted to make something fast.
And for people not in the industry, that sometimes sounds a bit like boosting.
So his mom came back at me sarcastically saying that quickly shooting a film in Amsterdam doesn’t really sound that much of a challenge. I know the film-scene, the crew, if I was up for a challenge why not shoot in Sao Paolo. A very creative city and on the list of visiting anyway.

Of course I spotted the sarcasm, but I could not help being spiked by the idea, the challenge, the creativity needed to pull this of.

So I started to make some calls and send a message to the sone friend I had in Sao Paolo. She just happened to visit a party that night where she talked to Mauricio from the Sao Paolo Production company; Trust filmes and he took a liking in the idea, telling me that if I would come up with a good script he would back me with his company, crew and facilities and so we did.

It was an unbelievable adventure to shoot a movie in a new world, with people I’ve never met, speaking a language I don’t know, and shoot it in that language.
But for me it was almost natural. I usually direct upon subtext. I love playful and witty dialogue, but from the actors I want to see subtext. Favourably 5 layers.
And Isabella and Guilherme were wonderful actors, taking the plunge, asking more when needed and just absorbed all my directions and brought there own.
All into a powerful and down to earth performance.