The first gardener – making of

The First Gardener | Germany | 2022 | 20’

Director: Jan Čapar         

Writer: Jan Čapar            

Producer: Jan Čapar       

Synopsis: – The search for food and shelter of a lonely girl in a dystopian and broken world quickly turns into a journey of self-discovery and transformation as she notices that she is part of the unwelcoming world she struggles with. –  A lonely girl runs away from her unloving home and begins her search for food and shelter in an unwelcoming and dystopian world. During her search she faces nothing but rejection and  indifference from its self-centered inhabitants which live isolated from each other. In her fearful interactions with the world she realizes that she is part of the problem and that in order to connect she has to overcome her own fears to be able to open up her heart and give the world that which she herself seeks.