The Apology

Director: Patrik Bergh

Country: United Kingdom

Duration: 06:50

Synopsis: In this dark comedy we find an old man sitting alone in a roadside diner nervously waiting for the moment that will finally seal his fate. With the other man finally showing up, the story takes a sinister turn sinister when he decides to teach the old man a lesson.

Director Biography – Patrik Bergh

Patrik Bergh is an award-winning Writer/ Director based in London, who has achieved success in both commercials and short films.

His latest short, The Apology shot in 2015, is a stylish and atmospheric film capturing a brief but significant encounter between two men as they meet to settle an old score.

Patrik also wrote and directed Véronique, a 5minute film starring a young hitherto unknown James Buckley (from The Inbetweeners), which saw great success and went on to win the Film Four/Orange Film Competition.

His commercial work includes ‘Exit’ a 20minute narrative driven road movie for Nissan, which follows a man across a desolate country to fulfil his wife’s last wish. ‘Exit’ was screened in London on cinema before The Fantastic Four and as an extra feature on the box set for the hit TV series 24.

Patrik’s passion for performance led commercial and film work has been strengthened through his previous training as an actor, bringing him an essential understanding of the acting process.

Bergh has won industry acclaim for his work, including a Gold at the London Craft Awards, Gold at The Black Pearl Awards, Silver at the Creative Circle Awards and Silver at the Midsummer Advertising Awards.

Other shorts include ‘When Harry Met Barry’; a three-minute short that has been screened on Channel 4, featured at the Rushes Soho Shorts Festival in London, and at various other film festivals across Europe.

Director Statement

I wanted to make a film that was very simple and stripped back. Just having a couple of actors sitting opposite each other in a restaurant and hopefully be able to make it compelling to watch.