Sunshine periphery: trailer

Sunshine Periphery | Germany | 2020 | 24’       

Set designer: Mac Kretschmer

Director: Eric J. Liddle    

Writer: Eric J. Liddle       

Producers: Valentina Huber , EE Miller   

Cast: Gabriel Tauber, Lary Muller , Matt Greenaway

Synopsis: Jonny wakes in the heat of the desert. The world that surrounds him is strange and utterly unpredictable. Upon encountering this absurdest reality, Jonny meets somewhat familiar strangers, who guide him on an involuntary quest to find meaning, truth and answers to some of life’s most elusive questions. During this journey of self discovery, Jonny is exposed to his weaknesses and reminded of his passions in a chaotic excursion of a world that vaguely resembles California. Beyond the vast deserts, never ending roads and idyllic beaches Jonny must try and evaluate his situation and come to terms with why exactly he is going through this experience.