Ria: trailer

Ria | Germany | 2019 | 20’        

Director: Dennis Baumann           

Writer: Dennis Baumann

Producer: Till Helldobler

Cast: Valentina Walde, Tobias Kluckert, Thomas Sturmfels, Lena Biallawons, Simone Ritscher, Erik Schäffler, Luke Neite, Peter Seaton-Clark

Synopsis: WWII through the eyes of a child that has never really seen the war. A fantasy-story, about family, growing up and learning to cope with difficult situations.  Little Maria lost her father to the war and her mother to the depression in the late 1940s. The only close relative she has left is her hard-working uncle Philipp.  Philipp works in a small newspaper publishing house and writes short stories for the Sunday edition of the local newspaper. One day he finds a short story of his niece between his documents. He first discovers a loving, fairy-tale child story – but as he soon finds out, there is much more to it.  The story not only helps him to make one of his best adapted works, but also lets him see what Maria is going through at home. She understands much more than one can believe in a ten-year-old, and knows about the deal what it means to grow up. But more importantly, she is the only one who realizes that the family is more important than anything else – especially in times when everything seems to be lost anyway.

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