Photography Awards – Summer 2022 – Winners

Best Street Photography

Shoot through

Photographer: Vicky DePiore

Date Taken: August 20, 2021

Country of Origin: United States

Description: Her suggestion to take a shot of this young international model with Down Syndrome through the motorcycle wheel.

Best Portrait

The Black Forest King

Photographer: Alice Teeple

Genres: Portrait, avant-garde, photography

Date Taken: November 6, 2021

Country of Origin: United States

Camera: Canon 5D

Artist Statement: “You’re not human. You’re a being who is incapable of social intercourse. You’re nothing but a creature, non-human and somehow strangely pathetic.” ― Yukio Mishima, Confessions of a Mask

Best Monochrome

Portraits in Monochrome

Photographer: Andrea Anderson Gluckman

Genres: Portraits, Portrait, Monochrome, Black and white, People, Art

Date Taken: October 1, 2021

Country of Origin: United States

Camera: Nikon D5300

Lens: Nikor 18-55 mm

Focal Length: 18 mm

Shutter Speed: 1/400

Aperture: f/11

ISO / Film: ISO-400

Artist Statement: Acting as an emotional witness is at the core of my photography. Through a combination of creative composition and post-production work, I create visual accompaniments to oral narratives offered by communities devastated by trauma. With the goal of creating an artistic entry point into facing difficult histories, I curate emotional responses to histories traditionally buried by violence and power. My goal is to distill the emotional layers and textures of my images into a succinct and stark experience that arrests the viewer into engaging with the image on a deeper level, a haunting that demands an empathic response.

Best Fashion

Indian Grace

Photographer: Navin Dhyani

Artist Biography: Navin Dhyani is a celebrity fashion and portrait photographer based out of glamour capital Mumbai, India. He has been creating images for 6years with top names in India’s fashion and Bollywood landscape. His love for photography started when he was working as a flight attendant for an international airline and travelling across the world and cultures seeing how people lived their passion which inspired him to ultimately take up photography.

Since then he has only evolved and strive to create new concepts and showcase the beauty around in its best form. He also does publicity photoshoots for various TV and OTT shows with top Bollywood celebrities.

Best Travel/Tourism

Si Proches

Photographer: Emeric Gallego

Genres: Portraits, Landscape, Travel

Date Taken: August 31, 2021

Country of Origin: Denmark

Camera: Lumix Gh4 & Canon 6D Mk II

Lens: 25 mm & 24-105 L II

Description: Fanø, island of Denmark, inspirational place of a trip which takes us on board, where inspiration is linked to solitude, to the silence of nature and freedom. Apart from those kites that end up desert at the beginning of summer, only the landscapes of a world which denies us anxiety. It’s been a long time since my eyes have seen anything so sincere, through a place that tells so many stories and wonders. A place where we can finally contemplate freedom, inspired and dream. Everything seems so far, so close…

Best Architecture

Architectural Shapes

Photographer: Valerio Dalla

Date Taken: May 25, 2021

Country of Origin: Italy

Camera: Nikon D3200

Description: Livorno, among the buildings of the former bathhouse “Scoglio della Regina”

Best Documentary

The Lotus Valley

Photographer: Ajitesh Sharma

Country of Origin: India

Description: The flower pickers at the Lotus Valley in Central India.

Coastal Dreams, Only

Photographer: Navin Dhyani

Country of Origin: India

Artist Statement: A photo for me is not just an image of the subject it’s the state of mind of it and the emotions which it’s portraying. It is sometimes a reality check and sometimes an inspiration, it is sometimes moment to relish and remember and sometimes a moment which should never happen again. It is not just an image.

Best Sport

The Destruction Project–Photos

Photographer: Jojin Van Winkle

Artist Statement: Through the making of this moving image and photographic work, I interviewed individual women in the Midwest and in California. These were in-person interviews and then virtual interviews due to Covid-19 circumstances. The connections I’ve made will continue to fuel the trajectory of this project.

“The Destruction Project” is part of my ongoing research, a multi-part, documentary-based, experimental moving and still image project which examines the roles of destruction in the everyday lives of women and families in rural areas. Its main themes are:

• destruction as entertainment (phase 1),

• destruction as rejuvenation (as creative/transformative/resilience processes) (phase 2),

• and destruction as irreversible (as devastation) (phase 3) Contextually I am interested in the way destruction intersects with play, violence, anger, choice, and change, impacting the everyday existence of women. I hope to discover and uncover additional social implications in this work as I continue to document women and their experiences. This research is part of my ongoing practice of “listening more”, collecting stories related to resilience and the human condition.

Best Analog Photography


Photographer: Kate Ferguson

Genres: 35mm, film, lomography, people, landscape, nature, scenic, film photography, experimental, art

Date Taken: November 24, 2021

Country of Origin: United States

Description: This is part of a series that I shot in Hawaii on 35mm experimental film.


Photographer: Ruby Louise Phelan

Model: Sophia Tyndall-Bistrow

Genres: People, Black & white, Analog, beauty, fashion

Date Taken: February 15, 2022

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Camera: 35mm Nikomat

ISO / Film: 400

Description: Nymph is an analog photographic exploration of the aches of womanhood. Traditionally in myths and folklore the ‘nymph’s’ sole purpose in stories was to emerge from the forest and used as a tool to further the male protagonist’s storyline and fate. In this project I wanted to turn the focus onto the nymph. Feminist theories are now being formed around the ideas of Nymphs and fairies being young girls trapped in the forest, preserved in youth and unable to fully transition into womanhood. I wanted to explore this chasm between girlhood & womanhood. I used two reels of film to capture my arresting images of a modern Nymph, one colour and one black and white. Her costume consists of a suit jacket, a home knitted jumper & a ring which boldly stares at the camera. These three elements along with her smudged mascara tears signify the complication of modern femininity. I have directly taken my inspiration from early female art photographers who worked in a narrative form like Julia Margaret Cameron.