Nelson | India | 2020 | 34’
Directors: Vicky Valsan , Cipin Valsan
Writer: Vicky Valsan
Producers: Lakshmi V M, Praseed M Varma, Sangamithra Asok, Shamnad Khan, Aveeena Ghosh Dutta, Sreelakshmi Babu, Vishnu Dileep, Nifil Valiyakath, Shifna Rahiman, Jeevanandham Shanmugham, Renjith R, Chandu R S, Yeswanth R, Shamal Joshi, Anoop K V, Jithin Jayachandran, Dony Perumal, Anoop S, Sreeshma Sreedharan, Naveen V M, Morvin Antony, Hari K Rajeev
Cast: Joe John Chacko, Shamnad Khan, Vinodh Mohanan, Joey
Synopsis: NELSON is a psychological thriller that takes place in the forests of southern Kerala. People living around the forest are witness to strange changes in the environment As a consequence, the government starts evacuating people from the area. Nelson, an environmentalist, comes to the forest to find out the root cause of these strange occurrences. His investigations put him on the right course only to be challenged by political interventions later.