Morning Vegas: short film review

Morning Vegas


Directed by: Kourtney Roy

Written by: Kourtney Roy

Starring: Randy Roy

Short Film Review by: #Stefania

Morning Vegas is written and directed by Kourtney Roy.

J. Lucky, a bygone cowboy, spends his days in Las Vegas drinking and sleeping in his car. His destitute life weaves between fantasy and fiction as he becomes drawn into a surreal cycle of binge drinking and big dreaming. 

Directing her own father, Kourtney Roy, manages to create a shiny story from everyday frames of his freedom. Although he’s living apparently in his car, he is not alone. There’s always around the blonde haired lady. Her appearances make him smile but also meditate and evaluate the real pains of every day’s struggle to survive.

The transitions from one scene to another have wonderful intermissions and you barely recognize the fictional patches. The strong colors pointed out in most of the scenes make you feel full of energy and eager to start a new journey. The slow motion scenes underline the weight that imprisons the thoughts, spirit, body and actions.

The human mind has fears, desires, excitement, boredom, sadness, enjoyment, likes, dislikes, talents, limitations – and it’s all just a part of its programming, but once you allow yourself to clean out your mind environment, you’ll feel free in many new and expansive ways. 

A passionate and creative mind travels lots of distances and finds new wonderful feeling to enjoy. Yet, the anchors of time and reality are slowly eroded as we follow the main character’s descent into himself.

There are a lot of ways the word abundance can be defined and even if most people are seeking a steady seek of income, when moneyis earned, spent, saved and given consciously, it reflects what we value most.

I’ve enjoyed the ride with Lucky and I definitely think you should meet him too. Each travel makes you find out more about yourself.

Ștefania Mihăilescu
Ștefania Mihăilescu is a professional voiceover, event moderator and marketer with a vast portfolio in which many beautiful projects have gathered over time.