Interview with writer Morgan Le Faucheur

  • What is the first story you ever wrote?

Probably something at school when I was a child but can’t really remember what 🙂

  • Growing up, what movies or stories inspired your creative passion?

Bunch of different films from differences universe, I’m a kid from the 80 so the 90 been a huge inspiration. Of course it started with the action sports industry for me as I was passionate for Snowboarding

  •  For an unknown writer, what is the best way to get their screenplay seen?

Trying to figure it out !I guess it should be good so people share it. I also think that sometimes it’s also the subject that define the audience of your content but that’s not always true.

  • What experiences from your life influence your characters?

Trying to spread memories from the past by injecting them in my characters but I’m such a beginner in all that ! One day I’ll make real cinema !

  • Can you explain your character development process?

I’m not enough experienced to give advise about that topic, actually trying to learn how.

  • Do you write bios before you start writing?

No but I guess I should 🙂

  • How emotionally involved are you with the characters you create?

It’s all about emotions for me, I need to feel passion. Of course it depends on the characters.

  • What are your thoughts on structure?

There’s basics like hook, intro, outdo, process but at the end of the day I feel like there is no rules and that’s one reason I truly love film making. It’s not right or wrong it’s your way of doing it and if it’s well done it should touch people.

  • Do you outline before you start writing?


  • What is the most important aspect of building a great character?

People should be able to relate in a second, the character as to be bigger than life !