Interview with writer Haim Zubida

Haim Zubida, is a 46 years old script writer from Israel.The father of the smart and beautiful Tamar and Shahar. He is a lawyer specializing in humanitarian and immigration law. He was the head of the consular departments in the Israeli Embassy’s in Egypt, Cyprus and Turkey. Now living in Ghana with his wife, Shani, the Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Liberia and Sierra lion, and managing the national STEAM project in Ghana.

SHHHH – a short Horror comedy.
Vigilantes – a crime/ suspense movie – in production.

  • What is the first story you ever wrote? – the first movie I wrote was “Blackz”

When an unhappy married man, loses his black glasses, he gets the option to live an alternative life.

  • Growing up, what movies or stories inspired your creative passion?

The movies I saw and loved as a child where adventure comedies such as “the goonies”, “the prince’s bride”, “back to the future”.

  • For an unknown writer, what is the best way to get their screenplay seen?

The best way is to find a creation companion. In SHHHH my companion was Jonathan Mordechay, the director. I find that when you are working with a compatible companion the creation is more focused, failures and successes are much more proportional.

  • What experiences from your life influence your characters?

Everything is melted down to the characters. For example, as a young couple in a remote land, far away from:  home, family and friends, with a new baby, we have started filling that all our desires and wants are being oppressed in order to satisfy the baby. The couple seen on the screen are the extreme crazed alter ego of me and my wife    

  • Can you explain your character development process?

LAV – looks, action and voice! What does the character look like? I find a picture of a man/woman that looks like the character I imagined and I write for her. How does the character react to things? To pressure? To pain? To things taken from her? To love? Voice is important. What does the character sounds like? A mother? A politician?  A police man? The combination of “LAV” gives the character flesh and blood. 

  • Do you write bios before you start writing?

No. since the characters I write, are the people I know very well, or based on people I know very well.

  • How emotionally involved are you with the characters you create?

It changes form scrip to script, but I have found that the story and the way the character acts and talks affects the way I behave and talk with my surroundings. 

  • What are your thoughts on structure?

A must. Writing without structure is like building with bricks without knowing what, you can start with the inattention of building a house and ending up with a railroad truck.

  • Do you outline before you start writing?

Rarely, most of the time I have the story in my head for days sometimes months. I will go over the dialogs the scenes and the drama over and over while driving, showering, eating, talking… well you get what I mean. When I start writing I know where, what and when at a 90% accuracy. 

  • What is the most important aspect of building a great character?

Dialog, know how your character speaks, what is the voice, words and sentences coming out of her mouth. action is also important. Characters movement in relation to her surroundings, how does she act in a forced motion/ action.