Interview with producer Viktoria Zaliznyuk

  • A producer is a leader or a boss?

Producer is a leader for sure.

  • What qualities or attributes do you look for in people you are looking to employ or work with?

I’m looking for people who really loves their job, they are always looking for more. In that case there is no limits in our heads and process becoming in a stunning journey.

  • What do you look for in a script?

I’m looking for a clear short story with a pinch of vibe and some unexpectedness.

  • Would you recommend writers think like a producer when writing their script? Or, just write with reckless abandon and then worry about the cost, or whatever, after they’ve grabbed a producer’s attention.

I recommend them listen to their hearts and write about what they really like. In that case there is a big chance to write something interesting. After that, every story can be adapt for a different circumstances.

  • How involved in the writing of a project do you get? Are you more involved in the initial development?

I think both. It bothers me both at same way.

  • How much influence as a producer do you have with the choices made by the director and/or DP?

I think that I’m working with a professionals which know how to make it better. And first I trying to let them to prove themselves. If I see that everything going in a wright way, than I’m helping them to make everything real. But sometimes there is lots of searching for a wright direction which can make for some risks or difficulties and that’s where I’m making my influence to director or DP.

  • What is the most important thing you have learned during your career?

There is always a way.

  • What does the future of film look like?

I think everything would share: on TV series; high-tech movies (but for some reason soulless); and most of all will touch people souls tube good stories, as from the past.