Interview with photographer Emeric Gallego

  • How did it all start out of? What inspired you to pursue photography as a profession (or as a hobby)?

I started photography when I was in high school. I followed friends to music concerts, and I loved taking pictures of landscapes. I only started to professionalize myself in photography from 2019 when I became a freelancer. I never really studied photography. I learned everything in the field, especially with a Canon 700D and a small Lumix GH4. The pro equipment only came after…

  • Can you tell us about yourself and your background?

I studied cinema at a university. I hold a master’s degree. I make a few award-winning short films internationally. For the past few days, we have exceeded one hundred Festival selections. However, my real passion is photography. One day I would love to make a film entirely in photos.

  • Who were your early influences ?

For photography, I could cite Newton, Capa, Meier, Salgado. In the cinema it’s very different, I could cite Haneke or Cronenberg. In fact, I cannot say if I was influenced at the beginning of their work. There are so many inspiring portraits on social networks, especially on Instagram or Tumblr. They sometimes take stunning landscape photos that are inspiring. I think I try to establish my style first and foremost.

  • What are the subjects that you enjoy photographing the most? What draws you to a particular scene or subject as a photographer?

I think what I like the most is to discover a sincerity through the photos. The staging is an interesting thing but I’m afraid it will spoil what I want. The snapshot is something fantastic. A large majority of “Precious Instants” (Si Proches) are moments photographs. I like the pleasure of discovery, of smiling through the portrait and seeking wonder. I’m still looking for my style, but I think I’m looking above all for the beautiful in this world.

  • What has been your most memorable experience related to photography ?

Simply this trip to Denmark. Several things come to mind like feminist dances in Paris or shows but I would stay on this trip to Denmark. The rediscovery of a forgotten nature was incredible. This photo of this girl walking in the setting sun makes me happy.

  • What are some of the challenges of photography?

I think it took me a long time to define my challenges in photography. Before, I was kind of looking to do what came to mind or imitate photos on Instagram. It was very frustrating. I finally realized that what I could do was make people smile and make them happy. I realized that was the challenge I wanted to take on. I consider photography as a therapy to love yourself, to feel good and to amaze the public. Always play on emotion.

  • How do you balance between what you see and making it as dramatic and beautiful like a standalone artwork?

It’s hard to answer but in my work, I often look for this idea of ​​the smile and the wonder that emerges from a photo. We find beauty everywhere, I even think we have forgotten it a little with everything going on in the world. If something upsets me, I believe it can be a work of art.

  • What do you want to capture in your photographs?

Act as therapy. Remember that the world is beautiful. I don’t know if that will remain my final goal. In my series of photos “Si Proches”, I sought to play a therapy of inspiration and the rediscovery of wonder through lost landscapes on an island in the middle of nowhere. The snapshot of our walks and the beauty of the landscapes reminded me of everything that I couldn’t see anymore. It is also the story of a farewell. Today, I’m not sure what I want to capture in photography. I love the connection between vast places and people. I would love to photograph a dancer in Iceland for example. The world is so vast, it would be a shame not to see what could one day disappear…

  • Are you always keeping an eye out for what’s new on the camera market?

For work, yes… it is essential. Otherwise, I remain convinced that with a limited device offers millions of possibilities. Most of the photos in the exhibition were taken with a Lumix GH4. Today we are at GH6 and G9. Cameras are constantly evolving. It’s hard to find it. But, I think maybe one day switch to a new model. Strangely I like what the Micro 4/3 can offer. Full Frame too.

  • What’s the post-production process like ?

I don’t really like retouched a photo a lot except for the color. Changing the mood is always great. But if I can avoid it, I think that’s great too. The snapshot sometimes doesn’t need retouching, right? In any case, alterations to Si Proches are very rare.

  • Where do you want to take your photography career?

Of course, I want to travel a lot. I would like my career to be able to take me to vast places and places that are marvelous or that do not leave anyone indifferent. For now I’m thinking about my next trip. Iceland? Slovenia? Difficult to choose. Funny, right?

  • What’s the most difficult part of what you do and what advice would you give to up-and-coming photographers?

First, get to know your cameras well and stick to manual. Become one with your device and it will be amazing! Be yourself, be creative and always believe in yourself! If you think others can do better than you, don’t believe anything! You are unique and your photos are too! And add emotions. I think it’s the hardest but the result will be there. Believe in yourself first!

  • Where can our readers find you online?

Instagram is the best place.