Interview with director and screenwriter Elena Bouryka


The idea of Walter’s character has accompanied me for many years and finally I was able to tell this story. It was very surprising to discover how much affection about this bad manners man I had.

To summarize, Walter’s holds all those figures that are constantly trying, in every ways, to tell you what you want to hear, so you’ll do what they want of you.

And at the end even, Blakie, the dog, become his alter-ego. Sick, ugly, malodorous..and no-one sees a future for this ‘human/animal’ being.

Regarding Walter’s choice:
I had proposed to the producer 3 types of actors for Walter’s role: a woman, a young man and Vittorio Ciorcalo. Vittorio was the winner! A Neapolitan theater actor, a great comedian and excruciating at the same time!

Blackie, the sweetest dog in the world, has been the first element of this cast.

I saw him two years before the production and his audition was behind perfection. He acted the whole aggression simulation and jumped out of the window as a rabbit.
(Could have been a great competitor for Lassie! 😉

Sadly, 2 years later, when we were ready to shoot, he wasn’t able to walk. So we picked up a double for him! On the set, he has been brought in the arm by everyone. He has been cuddled and loved. Everyone has chatted with him as the real mascot of the set.

Blackie left us a month after the movie was shot. He was very old.

My first thank you goes to him.

Something now about me. My career began as an actress.

And since I discovered the set, I’ haven’t be able to live without it. Every time that I wasn’t acting, I was still present on set to learn.

It was clear immediately that being an actress wasn’t enough for me. So I’ve begun to studying, writing and finally directing.

Now, with a bigger important luggage full of incredible experiences, I know how much I love this work.

But, I haven’t also forget how difficult is for an actor to focus and be able to center the soul of a character during an audition. That’s why I am also devoting my self as an acting coach and casting.

I would only like to learn to amuse the public. and make the “entertainment” my work, my life.

Thank you all for your attention.

All my best from Rome.

Elena Bouryka.