Interview with cinematographer GÖKHAN DENIZ

  • What personality or character traits are necessary to excel in being a cinematographer/DP?

This is a complicated question. There are many different aspects changes person to person. However for me the keys are: to be self-disciplined and able to adapt different atmospheres.

  • In terms of cinematographers, who do you like?

Many names come to my mind: Chivo, Roger Deakings. I also want to mention highly talented Turkish cinematographers: Gökhan Tirkayi and Feza Çaldıran.

  • What makes good cinematography?

Good cinematography is natural light for me.

  • What makes a good camera? And what has been your favorite camera to use?

A good camera should be lightweight J Joking aside main factor for a good camera is dynamic range. And the my favorite one is alexa mini.

  • Do you think that cinematographer’s work has changed when movies went from film to digital?

Of course. As a young cinematographer I learn filmmaking with digital tools. Later I wanted to learn film. At that time I saw the differences.

  • Now that people watch films on TV, computers and even their phones, do you think about that end experience when you are shooting?

It’s exciting for me.

  • Which one is more important: light or shadow?

Light is more important of course. If you have light, creating shadow will be possible.

  • What is the cinematographer’s involvement in pre-production, production and post-production?

In pre-production, we are especially involved in the discovery of places. We are already fully involved in the production process. We are expected to contribute especially in color grading in post-production.

  • What involvement in the production budget does the cinematographer/DP have?

The price of everyone who will deal with all technical equipment and camera and its equipment for image production is included in this budget.

  • What is your most valuable advice for being a Cinematographer/DP?

Most important thing for me is learning how to use of light and its reflection in the camera.