Interview with cinematorgrapher Evgenia Zaitseva

  • What personality or character traits are necessary to excel in being a cinematographer/DP?

Open to the new, confident in his words and actions. The most important desire is to work and not be lazy. Like everything in principle. An important character trait is patience.

  • In terms of cinematographers, who do you like?

Jim Jarmusch and his magic. Lars von Trier and his atmosphere, and somewhere his “air”. Aki Kaurismäki and its simplicity. Tarantino and its scope. Boris Khlebnikov (Russian Director) and his reality. These are the directors who once influenced me. I also want to mention director James Thierry, I glowed after watching his performances.

  • What makes good cinematography?

Practice. Taste / sense of style. Observation. Ability to listen to oneself. Patience and bring everything to mind. Such a healthy perfectionism.

  • What makes a good camera? And what has been your favorite camera to use?

There is no exact answer to this question. It is important that you feel the frame and practice a lot. A lot. I have a favorite camera right now – the Canon c200 and Carl Zeiss lenses.

  • Do you think that cinematographer’s work has changed when movies went from film to digital?

Yes, of course. They’re shooting everything now, even children. And I can say that many do it cool and without education. I do the same. But almost everyone is impatient, lazy and wants to make more money on it. There is less creativity and return.

  • Now that people watch films on TV, computers and even their phones, do you think about that end experience when you are shooting?

I try to shoot for “people” who values. If this is not commerce. And commerce – it is commerce. I have a double attitude to advertising: I love and hate.

  • Which one is more important: light or shadow?


  • What is the cinematographer’s involvement in pre-production, production and post-production?

He is everywhere. He is everything at once. At the same time, he gives freedom to everyone so that everyone feels part of one whole.

  • What involvement in the production budget does the cinematographer/DP have?

The director of his project can also be a producer.

  • What is your most valuable advice for being a Cinematographer/DP?

If you like movies and want to do it – do it.