Exodus: short film review



Directed by:  Alkiviadis Papadopoulos

Written by: Alkiviadis Papadopoulos

Starring: Natacha Topaltziki

Short Film Review by: #Stefania

Exodus, is written and directed by Alkiviadis Papadopoulos.

Sofia and Aristidis are having dinner talking about their upcoming marriage. But an unexpected meeting will change everything. Aristidis is very proccupied about the ceremony’s details and he seems a bit nervous while Sofia is rather absent, quiet and not very happy. Suddenly she decides to go out for a cigarette and from that point their roads will join different horisons.

Exodus certainly requires your attention, as it is a dialogue that relies on the idea that love can not be bought but felt only.

Whether you’re thinking about leaving a long-term relationship or giving up the wedding ceremony, breaking the news to your partner is rarely easy. Maybe you’ve been indecisive for months or years but you can’t find the right words to tell your partner the relationship is well past its expiration date. Or maybe you’re just not inlove.

Sometimes it takes a question from a stranger to make you realize there’s so much more beyond your island and the treasure-bringing sea and even though you still freak out that you live in paradise, you stop for a while and think about all you have enjoyed in your life, if you have treasured it enough and if freedom means to let all go.

The icebreakers to begin a conversation that will move you toward real resolution are only for those who have no hope left for their relationships and who are ready to call it quits.

The dialogues are leading the entire action towards a conclusion that you think you already know it and although you can be intrigued by the unexpected end of the film, you eventually discover an empowering and hopeful story, so powerful, that it speaks for itself.

I loved the director’s silent presence and that the main character’s emotions were discreetly pointed out by following her moves with a mobile camera while some special frames melted with her heart beats.

Although it’s a rather sad story it’s also revealing and uplifting so I recommend it.

Ștefania Mihăilescu
Ștefania Mihăilescu is a professional voiceover, event moderator and marketer with a vast portfolio in which many beautiful projects have gathered over time.