Director: Dzen Yevstygneykin

Country: Ukraine

Duration: 25:00

Synopsis: The film tells about the adventures of the Japanese professor Hiroshi Ono in Ukraine. By coincidence, he is late for a train to Kiev and has to go from Lviv to capital by his own. Everything that Hiroshi has – is thousand UAH in a purse and “Thank you” in the Japanese-Ukrainian vocabulary.

The professor tries to explain that he needs to get to Kiev, where friends are waiting for him. But the fate puts him in a small village of Dyakovo. There, a Japanese finds himself on the Hutsul holiday. The depth and sincerity of people affect professor. Without long hesitation, he decides to give a chance to adventures to enter his life. So Hiroshi is in Odessa, professor immediately falls in love with the flavor of the city. There he discovers Ukraine from an unknown to himself – an ironic and surprisingly frivolous side.

Unfortunately, the adventure also has to come to its end. Especially when it’s just an happenstance, and therefore somewhere your relatives are really worried about you. Our hero takes a train and finally gets to Kiev, where the local police helps him to find his friends.