Bad Habits

Director: Emilios Avraam

Country: Cyprus

Duration: 15:33

Synopsis: Bad Habits is a neo-noir crime/mystery short film that revolves around a library cataloger who makes a discovery. In his attempt to address the matter he gets caught up in a dangerous scheme that puts him at risk. In the meantime he forms a new habit. Good or bad? That’s subjective!!!

Director Biography – Emilios Avraam

Emilios was born in the small island of Cyprus. From an early age his passion for films took over most of his time. He is a graduate of a Diploma in Audio Visual Communication, a BSc in Media Technology and a Digital Compositing Certificate at Escape Studios in London. He immediately started working on feature films in London as a compositor. For the past decade, he has worked on many big productions in Film, Tv Commercials and Music Videos as an Editor, Visual Effects Artist and a Director. His wrote and directed his first short film Bad Habits(2016), which entered in numerous competitions in film festivals around the world and has won 6 awards.

Director Statement

Bad Habits was made with a small budget and a lot of love for storytelling. It’s a film that takes a dramatic story and shifts the perspective. The film has many layers. It’s about habits, bad uncontrollable habits. These self destructive, subconsciously repetitive actions are always attracted to us humans. We know it’s bad, but we still do it cause it gives us some kind of satisfaction.
In this case, the protagonist embraces his dark side and feeds his bad habit.

It also covers a person’s mental situation. A librarian, having a dis associative disorder, creates an alter personality that makes him do things he wouldn’t normally do and has no recollection of his actions. Being raised in an oppressive mother environment, he has trouble coping with a female dominant boss. This awakens feelings he used to have and puts his alter personality in motion while subconsciously creating a new habit.

The thought behind this story originated from the concept of love. And there is only one true unconditional love. A mother’s love for her children and vise versa. So ending a love like that with murder is the ultimate crime and a person that is capable of doing that has no boundaries. This, is a story of a man with no boundaries!

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