Back then: review


Directed by: Hernán Velit

Starring: Eduardo Camino, Denise ARREGUI

Short Film Review by: #StefaniaMihailescu

They say relationships don’t have to be a complete open book, ‘couse there are some things that you might want to keep private because you find them embarrassing or regretful.

While it may feel like you need to reveal each and every one of your secrets in order to have a healthy relationship, it’s actually ok to be discerning when it comes to what you do and don’t tell your partner — especially if the information is uncomfortable or may negatively impact your relationship.

While watching the short ’’ Back Then’’ we find out that Lucia and Jorge, both in their forties, divorced and with one child each, had sex 5 months ago. One afternoon, in bed, they have for the first time a conversation about who are they and where they come from.

The emotional instability of the main character, Lucia, is underlined by the director with a filming technique that may keep your eyes active while focusing on following Lucia’s face. Some kind of stop frames on her eyes, lips, forehead etc. will get you easily to feel the same way she feels while talking about her past.

In any kind of partnership but mostly in a relationship, being open about any current concerns, can keep you both on the same page. Sure, it may be a little uncomfortable to talk about, but will make a difference.

The film encourages the ones that see themselves in a mirror while watching it, to be honest, to have the power of leaving the past behind, and to admit that strong communication is the most important element of the longevity and success of any relationship.

And because it’s not always obvious that one has experienced an abusive relationship, that might be the trigger for many anxious behaviours, the close ups on Jorge, the second character of the film, will reveal his amazed reactions while he discovers his new girlfriend.

The children usually copy their parents bad habbits, so it’s up to them to clear the way and leave a blessed heritage.

Ștefania Mihăilescu
Ștefania Mihăilescu is a professional voiceover, event moderator and marketer with a vast portfolio in which many beautiful projects have gathered over time.