Au79: screenplay

Au79 | Armenia | 2022 | 07’     

Director: Rafael Hovhannisyan  

Writer: Rafael Hovhannisyan     

Producer: Narek Nazaryan          

Cast: Gevorg Dodozyan, Mane Minasyan, Vahagn Gasparyan, Roffi Petrossian     

Synopsis: Valery is a retiree working as a night watchman in a newly built building. He inherited gold from his grandfather of blessed memory, which neither his daughter nor his son nor even his wife saw except him. After Armine’s death, Valery had to take her gold from home, keep it in a deserted place away from Emma’s and Ashot’s eyes. On that horrible day, he had no idea what could happen to him, that  the history what had happened to his grandfather : the elder Valery could repeat.